Point of view related to CSR

STK Holdings Group is actively participating in CSR activities with the aim of creating a peaceful and happy life.
We believe that by contributing to the society through CSR activities, we can promote the social relations.

Social Welfare Activities

Tokyo Saiseikai Central HospitalGreen Official Sponsor Eco Garden

東京都済生会中央病院 エコロジーガーデン グリーン・オフィシャル・スポンサー 東京都済生会中央病院 エコロジーガーデン グリーン・オフィシャル・スポンサー

To improve the patient’s convenience and protect the global environment, we have supported for the activities to introduce "eco garden", special plants that are used to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2). By building “Eco garden”, we can clean up the air in the hospital and create a comfortable environment and health space, bringing “peace”, “warmth” and “relax”

We are supporting in raising money for SANGOK School for disabled children in Bucheon, South Korea.

韓国富川(プチョン)市SANGROK障害者学校 韓国富川(プチョン)市SANGROK障害者学校

SANGROK School locates in Bucheon City, in the area of Kaneko Korea Co., Ltd., this is a school with about 260 studentsdisabled students from kindergartens to high schools. It is known that in Korea, the facilities for disabled people are still quite few so we are promoting the market survey activities here. The donation is used to pay for changing the school yard to be made of urethane foam so that when people fall, they will not be injured, in addition, building a training room for disabled people to build muscles.

Sports support activities

J1 League Shonan Bellmare Professional Football Club Official Partner.

プロサッカーJ1リーグ 湘南ベルマーレ オフィシャルパートナー プロサッカーJ1リーグ 湘南ベルマーレ オフィシャルパートナー

Thanks to Kaneko industry, the key of STK Holdings Group, it celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding.
In addition, Kaneko Sangyo Hiratsuka Factory in Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture celebrated its 30th anniversary with the desire to contribute to the locality, where there are 7 cities of Shonan, including Hiratsuka City. The people of Shonan Bellmare are managing the city club together, working together, contributing to the locality in the present, it is working.