Privacy Policy

STK Holdings Co., Ltd. has established the following personal information protection policy, built a personal information protection system and made all employees deeply aware of the importance of protecting their personal information and effort. We will promote the protection of personal information.

Personal information management

We maintain the managementsystem and security system, train our employees in keeping customers’ personal information accurate andupdated, at the same time prevent illegal access, loss, damage, counterfeit and leak. We will take necessary measures thoroughly, implement safety measures and strictly manage the personal information.The purpose of using personal information collected from customers will be used to send emails, documents in the form of answering questionaire, work content and to contact.

Prohibited to disclose/ provide personal information to the third party

The Company appropriately manages personal information received from customers and does not disclose personal information to the third partyexcept in the following cases.

  • In case of customers’ consent.
  • In case we provide information to other partnercompanies to meet customers’ requirements.
  • In the necessary case, disclosure is based on the decree.

Security measures for personal information.

The company has taken all possible security measures to ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of personal information.

Request from the trustee.

If the customerswould like to ask, correct or delete that person’s personal information, the company will respond after confirmation.

Compliance and consideration of regulations and decrees.

In addition to complying with Japanese laws and regulations that are applied to personal information held by the Company and other rules, the company will consider the content of the appropriate policy and try to improve it.


Any questions regarding our process of personal information, please contact:


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